Amnesty International – Every NO ought to be heard

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13% of women in Belgium were once victims of rape, 25% of which are even committed by their own partner. But the horrible problem is that nobody conciders sexual violence as a widely spread problem, while it’s happening right under their very noses.


Our goal was twofold: raise awareness for this alarming problem and restate a simple rule: “No always means NO”. Because saying NO is a basic right, and it should never fall on deaf ears!


Due to the limited budget, we were looking for a strong approach to make these figures tangible. To launch this campaign, we set up a large 3D NO on a busy square in Brussels. As expected, our white NO was immediately vandalised with tags and obscene drawings. 10 days later we added our campaign message : “Every NO deserves respect! Act against rape”. This way the white NO became much more than simply two big letters. We also invited people to take a hearing test by a fake brand. We developed an actual online test, but changed the beep into the sound of a woman saying ‘no’ (silent and calm to very loud and terrified); making it more real and allowing participants to feel the emotional impact. At the end of the test we calculated the participant’s result and revealed the key message: “Every NO ought to be heard.”

Agency : Air Brussels


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